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Biscotti Pancakes x 10pk | Yeti


Biscotti Pancakes x 10pk | Yeti


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Strain typeHybrid

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Biscotti Pancakes, also known as “Biscotti Pancake,” is a slightly sativa dominant hybrid strain (60% sativa/40% indica) created through crossing the delicious Wedding Cake X Biscotti strains. Named for its amazing flavor, Biscotti Pancakes is the perfect wake-and-bake bud for a lazy day when you want to get moving but still might want to crawl back in bed at some point. The taste of Biscotti Pancakes will leave you dreaming of childhood weekend breakfasts, with a nutty pancake-like overtone accented by creamy, buttery vanilla syrup. The aroma adds additional layers of sweetness, bringing in ripe cherries and fruity berries galore. The Biscotti Pancakes high is just as delicious, with effects that will gently boost the spirits and allow you to settle down and get to sleep if the occasion calls for it. It'll start as soon as you exhale, beginning with a happy lift that puts a big smile on your face and fills you with an outgoing sense of sociability. As you jump in and out of conversations with those around you, you'll feel a light physical calm lock you down that isn't too sedative. In combination with its super high 20-30% average THC level, these effects make Biscotti Pancakes the perfect choice for treating chronic stress or anxiety, depression, chronic pain and headaches or migraines. Biscotti Pancakes buds have oversized and conical, bright neon green nugs with lots of thin orange hairs, deep purple undertones and chunky, purple-tinted white crystal trichomes.

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